re: Drosera aliciae

ivo koudela (
Mon, 12 Jun 95 07:23:17 +0200

Isao and others,

Here it is a description of D.aliciae provided by Studnicka in his

D.aliciae Hamet
It is often grown a south African species which naturally occurs
in marshy areas. The rosettes are 5-8 cm in diameter. The roots can
reach 10cm, they are wire-like and weakly branched.
The flower stalk of height of about 35 cm bears pink flowers of 13 mm
in diameter. They open only at the sunshine, usually in the morning.
If the shy is cloudy, flower buds don't open and self-pollinate.
Even two-year-old plants have a thick layer of the old leaves under
the living top. This can be a source of a fungus disease in winter
months which usually destroy all the plants in the collection.
Immature plants overcome wintering best.

Isao, my D.aliciae has about 6 cm in diameter and looks like that
on the Studnicka's photo, the leaves at the end (without tentacles)
are 9 mm wide, (with tentacles it is about 13 mm), at the base
2 mm.