Re: CP digest 373

Jan Schlauer (
Mon, 12 Jun 1995 12:40:43 +0100

Dear Ben & Fernando,

> Jan Schlauer might be more up to date
>on the Proboscidea/Ibicella business, but by what I know, they're the
>same thing. Proboscidea and Martinia are old names for what is now known
>as Ibicella, a groups of plants native to the SE USA I think.

The specialist in this field is certainly Dr.Barry (M.-R.). He has explored
the relevant literature and cultivated the species concerned, and I think
he could give a short account on his findings here (how about that, Barry?
I.e. if you are not in Chicago at this moment.). As far as I can remember,
some representatives of this group are at home in S AM (Brasil!), and you
mostly get the wrong genus if you order seed of _Ibicella_ (or the other
way round?). The taxonomy of Martyniaceae could be described as not settled

> Hey Jan, Peter might not've noticed it, but he sure gave us a good
>idea as to how the pygmy Drosera gemmae evolved!!

Yes, but _Drosera_ had the gemmae much earlier (and the _D._ gemma is a
transformed leaf with integrated adaxial bud, while the temperate
_Pinguicula_ gemma is formed from this bud alone).

Kind regards