Re: neat planting idea

John Taylor (
Sun, 11 Jun 1995 17:34:34 +1000

> I've just got my hands on a most excellent container to plant
>up - it's one of those expanded polystyrene boxes that fresh fish are
>transported in - about 3 ft X 18" X 18" with a fitting lid, all made
>of inch thick polystyrene with a drainage hole at each corner. I just
>know this is going to be brilliant in the winter to protect more
>delicate plants, so if you have cold winters and a friendly local fish-
>monger, you might like to ask him if he can get hold of one for you.

I've been using a slightly smaller version for growing my Cobra lilies.
My container was original used for transporting tomatoes and didn't have
a lid - the top of the sides had raised corners which I trimmed off.


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