Ben Levin (
Sun, 11 Jun 1995 01:47:16 -0400 (EDT)

Hey everybody,

I was recently discussing keeping Sarra.'s outside in my region
(Philadelphia, PA) and I was wondering whether there are any growers out
there who know if this is safe for them (S. purpurea should obviously not
be a problem).
I finally received Lowry's catalogue. Here's some questions:
1. Anyone out there know the U.S.-Australian $ exchange rate?
I'm curious to find out how much a $3 seed pack really(?) costs.
2. What are a) Proboscidea
b) Ibicillia
c) Roridulla
3. Does anyone know if there's any other source of Genlisea and
Polypompholyx aside from Lowry? I know I asked this before in reference
to Poly. but I just thought I'd check once more before I make the
purchase (I also can't stand waiting so long).

On a different note, does anyone remember someone mentioning a company
in Oregon that made T-shirts with CP pictures on them? Are they still in
business? I sent a letter asking about the shirts the same time I sent a
letter to Lowry; I still haven't gotten a reply.
One more thing. Has anyone ever tried rooting a leaf cutting from any
Sarra. species. I don't mean a normal leaf cutting, but rather a piece
of a leaf, as is done with VFT's (y'know, put a piece of leaf on moist
media, etc..., and voila, plantlets budding off the cutting)?