Re: Propagating Pings.

John Taylor (
Wed, 7 Jun 1995 12:30:50 +1000

>Does anyone have any advice on successful propagation of Pinguicula species
>asexually ? So far I have not had any luck doing so..

Leaf cuttings, particularly using the thick winter leaves from plants
which form these, seem to be quite easy to grow. You need to carefully
pull the leaf, use the outermost ones (first), off the plant using a
downwards motion. You need to get as much of the leaf "stem" as
possible. Leave the cuttings on a clean surface for about half an hour
to seal the break. Then simply place the cutting in a tray of sphagnum
moss or a peat/sand mix with the stem section covered and keeping the
leaf the right way up. Cuttings should be made in late spring or early

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