Re: Re: defunct drosera, hungry N

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Thu, 01 Jun 95 20:40 EDT

> Another hobby of mine is home brewing, a process during which a 5 gallon
> fermenter pumps out a steady flow of CO2 for 10-14 days. Is there any
> reason I shouln't buy some hose and feed this flow straght into my
> terrarrium? Is there any value in doing so? Would I be introducing
> bacteria from the yeast that would be harmful to the plants/moss/ph
> levels/whatever?
> Has anyone tried this? Thanks.
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Yes, I have a gallon jug in which I ferment sugar. A tube brings
to CO2 into my terrarrium. I have the terrarrium end of the hose
pushed into a tiny vial which is filled with water: if it is making
bubbles its working. I don't know how much the plants benefit
but if you keep your plants in an inclosed terrarrium I suggest
adding some CO2. They like it for sure; when I have the CO2 'pump'
going growth is faster and more robust. While the plants like more
CO2 when it is cut off they hate it. They go quazi-dormant. So
if you add CO2 make sure not to cut it off until their true dormancy
is approaching.

Dave Evans