Re: Re: defunct drosera, hungry N

Zachary Kaufman (
Thu, 1 Jun 1995 22:17:59 -0700 (PDT)

> Yes, I have a gallon jug in which I ferment sugar. A tube brings
> to CO2 into my terrarrium. I have the terrarrium end of the hose
> pushed into a tiny vial which is filled with water: if it is making
> bubbles its working. I don't know how much the plants benefit
> but if you keep your plants in an inclosed terrarrium I suggest
> adding some CO2. They like it for sure; when I have the CO2 'pump'
> going growth is faster and more robust. While the plants like more
> CO2 when it is cut off they hate it. They go quazi-dormant. So
> if you add CO2 make sure not to cut it off until their true dormancy
> is approaching.
> Dave Evans

This sounds like an interesting thing to try, Dave. Could you
tell me a few more specifics.

1) How much sugar do you mix in with the water?

2) Do you fermet using yeast used for baking? If so, how much yeast do
add to the water?

3) I assume the yeast kill themselves off with the alcohol they produce,
or have you found a way to prevent this? If not, how long does a
mixture last before you have to dump it and mix up a new one? Do you
have to add more sugar periodically?

4) How much CO2 is evolved? (X bubbles a second? or is it more like
Y bubbles a minute?) Does this rate change much over time?

I'm asking nitty-gritty questions because I hope to try some experiments as
soon as I get a little free time. I would like to see whether CO2
produced by a baking soda/vinegar reaction is more or less costly than
making it by fermentation. As a student, I have a rather limited budget.

Does anybody know if under adequate lighting, a CP would be happy with a
pure CO2 atmosphere? I know plants need oxygen when its dark. I'm curious
to see how much of a growth retarding factor fractional CO2 atmospheric
concentrations are. Do CPs need the nitrogen in the air for anything?