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Andrew Flostrand (
Thu, 1 Jun 1995 16:06:09 -0700

>My main success, though, came from my using an airbrush - it was
>powered by CO2, and I got the idea of squirting some of it into the
>terrarium; that was the first time I had really flourishing plants.
>When I mentioned this several months ago, it started a long thread
>of how to administer CO2 without the high-tech gadgets I use (I
>believe it was finally decided that an acid slowly dripped over
>something like baking soda or limestone would yield CO2 which could
>be administered to the terrarium through a trap to keep the acid
>fumes out - some thought of using yeast, but the acid seemed
>cleaner and easier).

Another hobby of mine is home brewing, a process during which a 5 gallon
fermenter pumps out a steady flow of CO2 for 10-14 days. Is there any
reason I shouln't buy some hose and feed this flow straght into my
terrarrium? Is there any value in doing so? Would I be introducing
bacteria from the yeast that would be harmful to the plants/moss/ph

Has anyone tried this? Thanks.

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