Re: defunct drosera, hungry N

Liane Cochran-Stafira (
Fri, 2 Jun 1995 10:06:11 -0500

>Another hobby of mine is home brewing, a process during which a 5 gallon
>fermenter pumps out a steady flow of CO2 for 10-14 days. Is there any
>reason I shouln't buy some hose and feed this flow straght into my
>terrarrium? Is there any value in doing so? Would I be introducing
>bacteria from the yeast that would be harmful to the plants/moss/ph
>Has anyone tried this? Thanks.
>- Andrew Flostrand


I shouldn't think you would have any problems with bacteria transfer.
Bacteria are kept in check by the alcohol produced during the fermentation
so if the brew is "healthy" the gas will be safe for your plants. Is your
fermenter normally open so that the gas escapes, or is it sealed to retain
the gas in the beer? I just was wondering if the CO2 removal would affect
your final product since CO2 is the source of the carbonation in the beer.

Liane Cochran-Stafira