Re: intro & questions
Thu, 1 Jun 1995 11:37:21 -0400

Hello... I am new to this forum but have been growing CPs for probably about
5 years now.. I would like to comment about the "intrigued kid market". I
think to some extent we all have an intrigued kid within us to grow these
plants. I constantly marvel at my Sarracenia purpurea. I don't know... I
just love the way it looks and how it sends up new leaves and unfolds them,
etc... :) I agree with the statement that there should be more information
about tissue culture propagation on the label. It is important information
for the purchaser of the plant and the general public. But in a sense, the
label is an attempt to sell the plant. To some, CPs chief charms are that
they can catch and kill (insects). Exaggerating this fact increases the
chances that the plants will be sold.