wilting sarracenia

Zachary Kaufman (zkaufman@galaxy.csc.calpoly.edu)
Tue, 30 May 1995 17:53:36 -0700

I have both read and been told not to use water with any mineral content
on my carnivorous plants. If one did, might the mineral content interfere
with the plants ability to transport water into its leaves by plugging
up the vascular system with deposits? I have never heard exactly what
mineralized water does to carnivorous plants (anyone, please feel free to
enlighten me). Is there any chance that the
water being used on the sarracenias is contaminated? Perhaps if it was
bottled water, mislabeled as being distilled when it really wasn't?
I imagine it wouldn't be hard to check--just fill a can up with the water
and boil it all out. No deposits and everything is A Okay.

just throwing a wild idea out,