venus flytrap not producing traps

Zachary Kaufman (
Tue, 30 May 1995 17:26:55 -0700

Hi Trisha,

Until school gets out I'm stuck living in an apartment. This has meant I
needed to use grow lights on my plants--two 2 foot flourecent fixtures
above my 20 gallon aquarium. Aluminum foil is taped to all sides of the
aquarium except the part facing the window blinds. At any rate, after
increasing the photoperiod I was dissapointed to see that none of the
new growth on my venus flytraps (and there was plenty) was forming traps.
One flytrap looked more like lettuce. In addition, the new growth's
lifespan was fairly short. Fearing that my plants would expire before I
could take them home and put them back outside, I worked to find a way
to get them on my window sill to see if natural light would help the

I'm happy to report that the flytraps are now producing traps.
I don't know if the light intensity I was giving them was too low, or
the spectral imbalance from the lighting was hurting them.
It sounds like you may have the same problem.