Re: defunct drosera, hungry Nepenthes

Joachim Nerz (
Tue, 30 May 1995 14:22:20 +0200 (MESZ)

On Thu, 25 May 1995, ISLAM, YASSIR wrote:

> I too had an aphid infestation on my drosera capensis. I sprayed with
> Schultz (pyrethrin) spray, but all the leaves died. Hopefull they will
> recover. Are there any persticides organic or otherwise, that will work
> without damaging the foliage? And why don't the aphids end up on the sticky
> trap like other insects?

Dear Yassir,

usually, you don't have to feed your Nepenthes, they don't need it; if it
is too time-consuming, to feed your pitchers with insects, just do it
with sticks of fertilizer; they are more clean and easier to handle than
insects, BTW insects oftenly develop a bad smell in the pitchers and in
your terrarium or greenhouse, you won't like it; if you feed too many
insects (I did it with mealworms), sometimes your pitcher begins to rot.
In the greenhouse, they catch their insects by their own; especially the
yellow pitchers of vines (maxima, eymai, alata ...) catch in summer a lot
of flying insects.


> Someone posted a note about feeding sowbugs to their Nepenthes. I felt
> guilty, not having actively fed mine (Nepenthes alata) since I bought it a
> month ago. Is this something I ought to do? Aren't they supposed to do this
> on their own? I am willing to spoonfeed if advised to do so , but where do I
> get insects from? (There are plenty of bugs in the house, since I don't have
> screens in my windows, moths, ladybirds, spiders, you name it..catching them
> will be hard. The sundew has managed this quite well..)
> Yassir (sunny high 80's in DC)