defunct drosera, hungry Nepenthes

Thu, 25 May 1995 10:59:00 -0700 (PDT)

I too had an aphid infestation on my drosera capensis. I sprayed with
Schultz (pyrethrin) spray, but all the leaves died. Hopefull they will
recover. Are there any persticides organic or otherwise, that will work
without damaging the foliage? And why don't the aphids end up on the sticky
trap like other insects?

Someone posted a note about feeding sowbugs to their Nepenthes. I felt
guilty, not having actively fed mine (Nepenthes alata) since I bought it a
month ago. Is this something I ought to do? Aren't they supposed to do this
on their own? I am willing to spoonfeed if advised to do so , but where do I
get insects from? (There are plenty of bugs in the house, since I don't have
screens in my windows, moths, ladybirds, spiders, you name it..catching them
will be hard. The sundew has managed this quite well..)

Yassir (sunny high 80's in DC)