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LCCSB St._Francis (
Fri, 26 May 1995 13:17:53 -0400 (EDT)

> Hello all,
> I have the same problem this year. My S. rubra's and oreophila (sp?)
> twist and warp as they grow. It gets worse the farther up the pitcher
> you go. On the S. oreophila many of the lids are deformed and open
> half way. In fact the flowers on them (oreophila and x catesbei x
> oreophila) are deformed as well. I had thought that oreophila is
> an ugly plant that's all twisted (as it grew like this last
> year) but others tell me how beautiful their's are. I have noted
> aphids on nearly all Sarr's this year but I have been spraying w/
> Safer's Insecticidal Soap and squishing them. They don't seem to be
> the problem anyways.
> 1)If you are having this problem do you see aphids?
> 2a)Is S. oreophila a good looking plant?
> b)If it's looking twisted is something worse than lack of humidity?
> Or aphids?
> 3)What can cause a plant (S. x catesbei x oreophila) to be
> asymetrical? The petals on one of the flowers is split to
> the right of center other flower has an extra stigma right
> under a petal. The leaves are odd too, one side is always
> smaller than the other so that you could pick 2 leaves that
> are mirror images of each other but if cut down the midrib
> each half is not a mirror image of the other.
> Please help the clueless !!
> Thank-you,
> Dave Evans
> Dave,
In my experience Safer's insecticidal soap is lethal to Sarrs. I almost
wiped out my flavas 5 years ago when I tried this "safe" way to control
aphids. This may be even causing more deformation! Try quarter strength
malathyon or zolone. I've used both, however, they both cause abit of
deformation on new pitchers as they mature, but it clears up!

Sincerely, Carl J. Mazur

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