Re: Intro, a few remarks, and a question

Andreas Wistuba (
Thu, 18 May 1995 18:46:49 +0000

> Jeff (and anyone else who's interested in this very good book)
> I hear tell that it is still in print in the UK, and is available
> through Marsten Nursuries (Adrian Slack's place in England). If your local
> library doesn't have a copy, and the U of W press doesn't start it back up
> again, it may be worth the price of having it shipped overseas. If the UK
> edition is the same as the old US edition, it has the advantage of being
> relatively small and light, which would make shipping more affordable.
> Good luck!

Sorry to disappoint you or anybody else who searches for this very
fine book (For my taste the best on growing CP's!) but from what I
know from friends in the UK it's also sold out and out of print
there. I searched quite a while for a second hand copy after my own
copy was damaged by water...:-(


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