Intro, a few remarks, and a question

Wed, 17 May 1995 17:07:30 -0600

Hello Everyone!

As a recent subscriber who has been silent up 'til now, I would like to
state that I have been very impressed with the scope of the cp horticultural
knowledge which many of you possess. Though I am not a novice, I have
until rather recently restricted my cultivation efforts to easier species,
primarily because that is all one can find here in Colorado (where the weather
is less than mild). However, since I have joined this group all that has
changed, and I have been successful in procuring about forty species of
cp in the last few months.

Since there aren't many cp-philes in Colorado, I am trying to introduce others
here to these plants with the long term hope of establishing a Rocky
Mountain CP Society. Living near Denver, a good-sized city, I think it
might just be possible....

A couple of other remarks...

I called University of Washington Press a while back in an effort to procure a
copy of Adrian Slack's book Insect-Eating Plants and How to Grow Them (they
published it). They told me that they have had no copies in a long time.
However, having read through the archives and having noted that there have
been many attempts to find this book, I told them that there is, in all
likelihood, a solid market here in the U.S. alone for a second printing.

When I told them this, they said they would consider reprinting it, and would
let me know in writing of their decision. To date I have yet to receive a
reply, but when I hear I'll let you know. In any case, any others who are
interested in seeing the book reprinted might want to let the publishers
know this. They may be reached at: (206) 543-8870.

Finally, I have a question. I know that Nepenthes khasiana is a highland
species. However, I have heard from at least one source that it can be
successfully cultivated under hothouse conditions. Could someone please
substantiate this for me, and/or give me a specific idea of the temperature
range in which he/she has successfully cultivated this species? Any info
would be greatly appreciated since I have just acquired a fine specimen.

Jeff Shafer