Re: problem with a Drosera rotundifolia?

Clarke Brunt (
Wed, 26 Apr 1995 19:22:54 +0100

> I just recently bought a D. rotundifolia when, when I bought it,
> it had
> caught a gnat and all the sticky pads where moist and dewy as it
> should be. I removed the packing dome and placed the pot in a large
> container, higher than the sides of the pot and filled it with water
> half way up the pots side. Then, from reading a cp book saying that
> for indoors you may want to mist the plant with water to keep them
> dewy and so I did and after a minute or two, the dewy tentacles dried
> up? Is this a shock reaction to it being moved from the store to my
> room or should I have not sprayed it?

As with the other plants you recently acquired (other message), D.
rotundifolia is another frost hardy one which produces a dormant
resting bud in Winter, and probably doesn't appreciate high
temperatures. Again, mine live outside in the U.K. Unless the plant
had indeed become used to the unecessary dome, then I don't really
know why the tentacles should dry out. As the plant has a flat
rosette, virtually in contact with wet soil, and stood in water, the
humidity shouldn't be a problem. I wouldn't overdo the spraying
(although they must get rained on in habitat) - you can wash the
sticky stuff off the tentacles.

Clarke Brunt (