Re: best newbie to intermed book

Christopher Waldrop (
Wed, 26 Apr 1995 09:12:57 -0600 (CST)

> > please drown me with opinions on the best comprehensive book for a
> > newbie that will sustain me even when i am a somewhat experienced
> > hand at cp's. rite now i am looking at carnivorous plants of the
> > world (pietropaolo) and CP of the US and Canada (schnell).
> Pietropaolos' book is a good start, but of course, if you are a real
> CP'ophile you will have to get every one - even those with no pictures
> in foreign languages.
> Tom in Fl

What a scary thought--I had enough trouble with the line drawings in
the Droseraceae issue of _Das Planzenreich_. Two of the best books
that are available right now are Adrian Slack's _Carnivorous Plants_
and Gorden Cheers's _Carnivorous Plants of the World_. And, despite
all that's been said about it, Lecoufle's book has, if nothing else,
some very nice pictures.