Re: best newbie to intermed book

Brett Lymn (
Fri, 26 May 1995 15:41:44 +0930 (CST)

According to Christopher Waldrop:
>What a scary thought--I had enough trouble with the line drawings in
>the Droseraceae issue of _Das Planzenreich_. Two of the best books
>that are available right now are Adrian Slack's _Carnivorous Plants_
>and Gorden Cheers's _Carnivorous Plants of the World_. And, despite
>all that's been said about it, Lecoufle's book has, if nothing else,
>some very nice pictures.

Hah! I have Dr. Kondo's book which is in Japanese. Lots of very nice
pictures labelled in English but all the text is in Japanese which I
cannot read. I considered it worth it just to get pictures of a lot
of unusual CP's, it comes in handy sometimes especially for some of
the more obscure nepenthes.

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