Announcement and Replys

Mon, 24 Apr 1995 08:03:00 -0400


Dear E-mail friends.
Due to the imminent arrival of a new baby I will be off line
for approximately 2 weeks. Because of the nature of such
events I may go off line at any time from now until the
2nd week in May. So if you don't hear from me for a while or
I don't respond to any E-mails you will know why.

I would also like to apologise to all of you who have
received garbled messages from me recently. If you have
received a message that looks as though it's written in
Klingon,it's probably from me. For some reason E-mail from
my site gets converted into some kind of code once in a
while - the Information Services people don't understand it
either.In particular - Barry, did you ever receive any thing
you could read?

Some replies:

Edward regarding CPs to eat gnats - how about trying
Pinguicula, as you are a succulent fan some of the Mexican
species will probably appeal due to the succulent nature of
the winter rosettes.

Utricularias in flower, currently I have U.reniformis,
bisquamata and violacea in flower,with lots of flower spikes
on my U.pubescence and two developing on my U.multifida

Some further comments on germination of Utric seeds - I was
given some U.humboldtii seeds last week and I immediately
sowed them onto 1:1 peat sand mix with the water level up to
the compost. After 24hrs the seeds appearance changed and
after 48hrs signs of germination were apparent! Talk about
rapid germination! U.caerulea by comparison is slow. I have
just noticed 2 seedlings in a pot I planted in early
December, the seed again came from Allen Lowrie ( on his
list as U.caerulea tall form from Darwin ). Thus for some of
these species it looks like you need a bit of patience.