Re: Butterworts

Allen Stile (
Mon, 24 Apr 1995 17:08:55 +1000

I was born in SW Britain - I thought that I was the only person intersted in
Do we have a PINGUICULOPHILE subgroup?
I would love seed of corsica, vallisneriifolia, and of course those Cuban

There are several sub-genera of Pinguicula - I haven't grown many but I find
that the following is true:
"vulgaris, grandiflora, leptoceras, alpina etc" are selfers
"lusitanica, villosa etc" are selfers
"moranensis, gypsicola Mexicans etc" are not
"Caerulea, lutea, primiluflora North Americans are not"

= Trans Atlantic differences????

> Having no experience pollinating CP's, are Butterworts self-polllinating? I
> have 3 Butterworts that are just about to bloom. Any help would be great.