Re: Some Questions

Oliver T Massey CFS (
Fri, 21 Apr 1995 09:55:48 -0400

> Next question. My
> question is: should they look different at this point in their
> development? The hoods in both pots look an awful lot like S. minor
> I've never seen seedlings of these before so I don't know whether
> I have some mis-labeled seeds or they they all look alike at this
> age.

My experience is that all Sarrs. start out looking very similar; wait
awhile to be sure. It is also true, at least for me, that seeds may be
mislabeled. Partuclarly when crossing Sarrs. they sometimes self in
spite of your best efforts, so you think you have a hybrid and then find
you have seed from a self pollinated plant.

Tom in Fl