Re: short intro and advice on which plants to use for gnats/white flies

robert korfhage (
Fri, 21 Apr 95 07:21:37 EDT

Welcome, Edward Bennett! I've noticed you frequently on Cacti_etc. Since I'm
rather a novice at CP myself, and in Pittsburgh, rather than near LA, I can't
really help you much on CP issues. However, I can commennt on net traffic.
Generally, traffic on cp has been both heavy and interesting, with volume
running ahead of that on Cacti_etc. However, over the past week or so, the
cp traffic has been relatively light, and Cacti_etc traffic has picked up
considerably. I don't have exact figures, and I have no idea why this switch
has occurred. I presume it's just a random fluctuation, but it is enough to
have caught my attention. Hang in there! There's lots of good stuff on the
cp net, plus plenty of good advice on developing and keeping a cp collection.

Bob Korfhage