Loyds Utrics

Thu, 13 Apr 1995 08:01:00 -0400

Hello Barry and anyone else who's interested. My E-mail
address is as follows:


This I'm assured is the sane version!

>You have listed an intriguing group of exceedingly
>Utricularia---are you successfully growing U.benthamii?

I currently have a large number (40+) of small plants with 3
or 4 leaves per plant which I believe is U.benthamii. These
represent the most spectacular planting of Utric seeds that
I've had from seed from Mr Lowrie. As every thing else I've
grown from him has been the correct ID I am confident that
it is this plant.

I know there have been mumblings about the viability or the
lack of success with Mr Lowries seed. With the Utrics I get
20 - 30% success rate - not good but where else would I get
the plants from? U.benthamii is a second attempt i.e. the
first planting failed - this second planting came up like

From your message I must assume that I'm fortunate to have
this plant Barry. Are some of the plants I grow considered
difficult? I'm hoping U.benthamii will grow as well for me
as U.violacea - this one grows like a weed for me.

On a final point I love growing CP's from seed even if the
viability problem can be a bit disappointing at times.
However the successes overshadow the failures - and I always
find it rewarding to see a flower for the first time ever on
your own seed raised plants. Its a pity those Bay area
people didn't stick to growing Nepenthes seed.