D. peltata questions

Perry Malouf (pmalouf@access.digex.net)
Thu, 13 Apr 1995 07:05:36 -0400 (EDT)

I would appreciate some advice about D. peltata

I had three of these growing in a small pot, and for
the longest time they consisted only of small rosettes
similar to D. spathulata. One month ago all three
rosettes sent up the characteristic tall growth that
D. peltata is known for. At the tops of these are
small flower buds, but they never seem to open. I can
see a slight bit of the reddish-purple petals, but
nothing more.

1) Is this normal?

2) Does D. peltata self-pollinate?

Now, the problems. One of the plants died back a week
ago, and the others look as though they're doing the same.
It started with the basal rosette, which turned black
slowly until the whole thing was gone. The tall stem
followed very quickly afterwards. That left only
two in the pot, and now I see those rosettes starting
to turn brown. Is the plant very sensistive to over-
watering when it's growing? Or is this how the
plant dies back perennially?

Thanks for any suggestions from those in the know.