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On Mon, 10 Apr 1995, Nexus User elliott wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> It's just about CP dormancy period over here in
> South Australia, and I'm kind'a worried about a few things.
> Firstly, I was wondering if it's advisable to put Cephalotus
> out of my Greenhouse for the winter. I normally put all my
> Sarra's and VFT's outside, but I haven't tried it with the
> Cephalotus. The temperature from memory here only gets down
> to around 5 degrees rarely, and sometimes even less than
> that, and the coldest day temperatures get down to around 12-
> 15 degrees ( Celsius ).
> Bye For Now,
> Russell Elliott
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For what's it worth, I grow Cephs here in Canada (near Niagara Falls) in
a green house I keep heated to about 5C at night. On very cold nights,
I've had the odd frosts on cold January nites and the plants seem no
worse for wear! The seem to multiply and flower every year! Might I
suggests putting a couple out in the greenhouse for a test run.

Sincerely, Carl J. Mazur

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