Re: Cephalotus
Sat, 27 May 1995 16:23:09 -0400

To: Christopher Waldrop,

The easiest way to keep Cephalotus (as well as Heliamphora and Darlingtonia)
is in an all glass terrarium (aquarium) under fluorescent lights (cool white
is fine, though full spectrum is better) at roughly 75 degrees or cooler. Use
a relatively deep pot and pure sphagnum, N.Z. moss being the best. Stand the
pots in about 1/4 water. The tank is entirely covered and the lights
suspended just over the cover glass. Four 3 foot bulbs over a 29 gallon work
well. Use a 14 hour photoperiod. Under these conditions the plants may only
have to be watered every 2-3 months, a great labor saver. The Queensland
Drosera and some Utrics also like these conditions. The drawback, cooling a
room that house the tanks!