Utricularia Joy

Barry Meyers-Rice (barry@as.arizona.edu)
Sun, 9 Apr 1995 15:33:00 -0700


I suppose I have become a little jaded over the years. I looked in
my greenhouse and saw that my specimens of _U.longifolia, alpina,_ and
_U.asplundii_ are preparing to flower. My thoughts were, ``Good, but I
expected as much.'' But I nearly jumped through the greenhouse roof when I
saw my _U.humboldtii_ producing a scape. This may abort---as it has for
others---but if not it is going to be GREAT!!!!

I'm bouncing off the walls....


P.S. Also I see I finally have some U.menziesii sprouting from its corms.
Any suggestions, anyone at all, on this species? Fertilizer??