Importing CPs to California.

Michael Zenner (
Sun, 9 Apr 95 11:30 PDT

Hello all.
Here's a question for those of you in the sunny golden state:
I'm going to be moving from Portland, Oregon to Santa Cruz, California this
summer. I hadn't thought of this until I was visiting the Santa Cruz area,
and when I crossed the border into CA., the border guard asked me if I had
any fruits, vegetables, or PLANTS. I had very definitely planned to bring
all of my CPs with me. Does anyone know what needs to happen for me to get
my Sarrs, Darlingtinias, and Droseras into Calfornia? Does anything need to
Thanks in advance,

-Michael Zenner
Portland, OR

Flyspecks! I've been spending my life living among flyspecks, when there
are miricles leaning on lampposts on eighteenth and Fairfax!