Wed, 5 Apr 1995 08:08:00 -0400


First a couple of comments:

1. U.chrysantha - if my memory serves me well this is
concidered to be a terrestrial species - I have never grown
this species although I've tried from seed on several
occaisions :-(. In fact I've had no success at all with seed
of the N.Australian Utrics - does anyone out there know how
to germinate these?

Still on Utrics I find this differentiation between
terrestrial and aquatic a bit misleading. My experiences
with some of the so called terrestrial species from Southern
Australia (e.g. U.violacea) lead me to conclude that some
are grown best as affixed aquatics (in cultivation).
Presumably during the wetter seasons of the year some of
these plants would also be submerged in their natural
environment. Any way what are other peoples experience with

2. Steve wrote:

>Is anyone out there an expert on pings? I need a little
>advice on how to grow them, their cultural requirements,

Could you be a little more specific over which species you
plan to grow. I don't know if I would consider myself an
expert on Pings - I grow a reasonable number of European and
Mexican species, though I don't have much experience with
the N.American species. I'll be glad to help you if I can.

3. Finaly a favour for a pal of mine without E-mail, he
would like to contact anyone growing (and willing to part
with some of) the following Utricularia:

pratermissa, buntingiana, unifolia, asplundii, jamesoniana,
cambelliana, geminiloba, nelumbifolia, manii.

If you can help either E-mail to my address and I'll pass it
on, or reply by snail mail to:

Paul McKeown,
26 Fourth Avenue,