Re: Aquatic Utrics
Fri, 24 Mar 1995 08:19:33 +0930

>I'm trying to prepare an aquarium for an aquatic utric, and even
>with waterlogged peat, I'm having a really hard time getting
>the water to stay clear. Any suggestions?

When you refer to clear water are you referring to the colour of
the water or bits of peat that seem to remain suspended?

So far as I understand, the water that aquatic Utrics grow in
should be the colour of weak tea. If you are having problems with
suspended peat, then just get the peat and stick it the leg of a
pair of stockings (make sure you get your wife's, girlfriend's,
mothers' blessing before hand otherwise you're VFT food :) ).
The end is tied and weight down in the bottom of the container
until it absorbs its fill (it should stay down by itself

My U.australis in growing well in a bucket using this method. Now
if only I could work out how to make it flower.......