Re: Introduction

Michael Zenner (
Wed, 22 Mar 95 22:57 PST

> Greetings. I am a new subscriber to CP news and wanted to say hello. I
>have been growing CPs in my greenhouse in Portland, Oregon for about a year,
>so I am just beginning my adventures with these wonderful plants. I
>currently have four species, including a new flat of baby sundews I
>germinated here, and am interested in learning about sources to obtain more,
>etc. etc.
>Questions for the group:
>Are there any other Oregon folks out there?
>My Sarrecenia psittacina is flowering; is this species self pollinating?
>Can I get viable seed from just one plant?

I am also growing CPs in Portland. There are a few others in this
neck of the woods as well. I don't even have a greenhouse, just a bunch of
south facing windows, a few shop lights, a propagating dome or two and a
couple of heat lamps. I've had great luck with Sars (Flava, Leucophylla,
and Purpurea Venosa), all kinds of droseras, and VFTs.

See you on the list!

-Michael Zenner
Portland, OR

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