Re: VFT growth

Clarke Brunt (
Thu, 16 Mar 1995 09:11:37 +0000

> Just a quick question to the group; Should my VFT have begun
> germination for 1995, or am I just being anxious?
> (If my VFT *shouldn't* be sprouting yet - when should I expect that to
> happen?)

>From the rest of the message, we are talking about re-growth of a
dormant plant here, and not germination of seeds.

I would guess it all depends where you are, what the temperatures
are, etc. Here in the UK, my VFTs in the greenhouse remain in leaf
all Winter, but don't grow. They are just producing new growth now,
including at least one flower spike. I continue to be surprised by
the differences in the plants I have - one (of garden centre origin)
has tall straggly leaves with small traps and very little red colour,
while the batch grown from Chiltern seed are much better - compact,
large traps, and red.

You could always dig up your plant and see whether there seems to be
any live bulb - it should show some white or green bits, but as this
will do nothing except satisfy curiosity, it might be better to leave
it for a month or two yet.

And while writing - how am I supposed to determine whether Sarracenia
cotyledons are like an 'I'? Which font? What size? Are the serifs on
the 'I' significant (Sarr seedlings don't have serifs)?

Clarke Brunt (