Re: varigated pings

Oliver T Massey CFS (
Thu, 16 Mar 1995 10:04:45 -0500

> >One of our club members has a commercial wholesale nursery where they
> >are
> > a number of CPs including several Drosera, Sarrs, Pings, and VFTs.
> > He has a nice greenhouse facility and is shipping large numbers of
> > several pings and D. adelae, as well as the VFTs. Interestingly, he
> > has some varigated P. moranensis and primuliflora. Can't tell yet
> > if they are stress or nutrient induced or if they are stable
> > varietals(?) forms. The P. moranensis has
> > clearly defined white stripes along the leaf margins and is a good
> > contrast to the all green version.
> At the risk of bringing in a commercial advertisement, who does this
> club member sell wholesale to, and would they consider selling to
> individuals? That P. moranensis sounds really attractive.

I really don't know his customers. I believe he deals with someone at
the Atlanta Botanical Garden and maybe California Carnivores. I know he
sells some plants to his wife who puts together terrariums of multiple
CPs. Marie B.(another member) of Marie's Orchids may have a few of the
varigated forms. I don't have her current address handy, but it should
be in the archives. We may have picked up a couple for our plant sale
at the USF botanical garden, I don't recall right off hand. If you are
interested let me know and I will pull one out before the sale to send
to you. I don't know the price yet, but I would guess it will be about
$5.00 or so plus any mail costs.

As to the cause of varigation, I checked my couple of plants yesterday and
noticed the P. primuliflora is putting out pups (or whatever) like all
primulifloras do, and they are also varigated. That would suggest to me that
it is not stress induced, but who knows?

Tom in Florida