Re: Dichotoma giant

John Taylor (
Wed, 15 Mar 1995 10:57:19 +1000

>Here's a question for those in the know, I have a D. Dichotima (sp?) Giant
>plant which is still young. It's highest branches were about 18" high last
>summer when I bought it. As the year drew to a close the plant died back
>to a small winter resting bud where it sat for about 3 months before
>sending up new leaves. (about a month ago) The stems grow great to just
>after the point where they begin to divide and produce tentacles and then
>the tips turn first to yellow, then to black and the whole stem withers
>from there. Soon afterwards a new stem begins to grow, only to repeat the

What soil and water condition is your plant growing under? I had exactly
the same problem when I tried growing mine in pure sphagnum in a hanging
basket (no tray). I've recently repotted the plant into 2:1 peat:sand
and keep it in a tray (slightly shadier conditions) and it seems much
happier - I don't think any other the leaves has blackened off.

Hope this helps...

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