D. Dichotima (Giant)

Andrew Flostrand (flostran@sfu.ca)
Tue, 14 Mar 1995 15:11:16 -0700

Here's a question for those in the know, I have a D. Dichotima (sp?) Giant
plant which is still young. It's highest branches were about 18" high last
summer when I bought it. As the year drew to a close the plant died back
to a small winter resting bud where it sat for about 3 months before
sending up new leaves. (about a month ago) The stems grow great to just
after the point where they begin to divide and produce tentacles and then
the tips turn first to yellow, then to black and the whole stem withers
from there. Soon afterwards a new stem begins to grow, only to repeat the

As this is my first spring in posession of this species, I don't know if
this is normal for the first few stems of the year or if it is a symptom of
something I'm doing wrong. Any advice? Thanks!

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