VFT closing in CO2

Douglas Wiggins (zoron@nwcs.org)
Mon, 13 Mar 1995 03:34:00 GMT

SM:I am not sure if the closing of a VFT is really due to water
SM:loss through photosynthesis. My understanding is that the
SM:closing was due to the movement of ions and organic acids
SM:out of the cells into the cell wall space, and the water
SM:was following by osmosis. Photosynthesis would take
-Scott Meissner

The trap closes by the sudden release of cellular pressures. I am
not sure of the mechanism, but it has been covered something more
than three years ago in the ICPS newsletter, CPN (International
Carnivorous Plant Society, Carnivorous Plants Newsletter). I think
someone has even figured out why the trigger-hairs work the way
they do. It only costs $10 per year for past issues, so it should
be possible to research it without going broke.

The trap does not grow in order to close, but it grows to open and
reset the trap, which is the reason a trap can close only a limited
number of times (one experiment yielded one to twelve closures per
trap, without prey).

Good luck.

-Douglas Wiggins zoron@nwcs.org, Portland, Oregon

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