Re: Hello and Question

Douglas Wiggins (
Mon, 13 Mar 1995 03:55:00 GMT

ST:I use 2 twin 48" (shop)-light fixtures, using two cool white and two
ST:Gro-Light(tm) bulbs. The 50gal also gets some sunlight. I have a layer of

Be very careful when exposing a terrarium to sunlight - it is very
easy to cook your plants.

I suggest that you use Gro-Lux Wide Spectrum instead of standard
Gro-Lux tubes - they will produce higher intensity light for a
longer period before going bad, and they work better when
supplementing cool-whites (which will soon be obsolete, as they are
not efficient enough). By the way, soon it will be necessary to use
a special disposal process for getting rid of your old fluorescent
tubes, because of the mercury in them (all fluorescents and halides
are mercury-vapor devices, made by introducing a small amount of
mercury into a vacuum system).

-Douglas Wiggins, Portland, Oregon

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