Goldern Wall?

Fri, 3 Mar 1995 08:59:00 -0500


I recently got a list from a small nursery in the UK which
included a Pinguicula called 'Golden Wall'. There was not a
lot of information about it other than it is from Mexico and
it is yet another plant that has not been seen in flower.
Does any one out there know any more about this plant?

There seams to be a number of (as of yet) unnamed Pinguicula
that are circulating under different names. I believe that
one plant called P.sp 'Ayautla' in the UK is refered to as
P.gigantea in the US. Other plants in circulation in the UK
include P.sp 'Santa Maria Yacuiti' and P.sp 'Santiago Nuyoo
Pass' neither of which have flowered in cultivation. Another
plant is referred to as P.puchea (not sure if I've spelt
this right) on some US lists, though I'm not familiar with
this plant in the UK. This use of unofficial names (esp. if
different in different countries) may result in considerable
confusion in cultivation. What are the conventions on naming
such plants until officially named?

I would be most grateful if someone who grows the P.puchea
plant could let me know what the plant looks like. Better
still can anyone spare any seed of it - I could give seed in
exchange of e.g P.laueana,or P.acuminata etc?

Regarding disgusting worm type creatures. I occaisionally
come across small stripped earth worm type creature ( I
think they are called Brindle worms ). They don't seam to
damage the plants as such - although their activities
disturb or bury seedlings (I just found one amongst my
D.roraima seedlings!). Mushroom fly larva again do most
damage to seedlings. Pyrethrin sends them to heaven, or the
use of gritty sandy compost puts their mothers off laying
their eggs in the first place.