Re: CPs in Mexico

Ron Gagliardo (
03 Mar 95 21:12:34 EST

Greetings CP wholesalers (if there are any out there), Luis Laresgoiti
(mentioned in digest 274, wanting Dionaea and Drosera) is a former
customer of mine at Hungry Plants. Unfortunately, I am no longer in the
business of growing plants for profit, but I wanted to at least mention
to those who might be doubtful that Luis is completely honest and
trustworthy. Supply him with nice plants and he will pay! I need not
mention the potential market value of VFTs in Mexico city, but lets just
say that it is extremely lucrative! I sold him tens of thousands in
1993 alone. Plus, he is a very nice, even tempered individual and a
pleasure to do business with. How's that for a reference?!! Best, Ron
Gagliardo Atlanta Botanical Garden