Re: Nepenthes Cuttings Question

Oliver T Massey CFS (
Fri, 3 Mar 1995 11:38:49 -0500

> >Hello all,
> >
> >I have a couple questions that are been nagging me about Nepenthes.
> >
> >1) Nearly all Nepenthes have lower and then upper pitchers. Is
> >the production of upper pitchers a sign of maturity like when
> >citrus stop making thorns? Or can plants with only lower
> >pitchers flower if large enough?
> >
> >2) Do some species produce only lower pitcher? The reason I ask is
> >because I have what looks to be a N. ventricosa but it has never
> >pitchered. It doesn't really grow like a vine but instead grows
> >straight up. The tendrils have the begins of pitchers but they
> >just curl down. It is growing with other Nep's, some of which are
> >N. ventricosa, all of them pitchering except N. x rubra bois(some-
> >thing I can't spell) so I doubt it's the environment. Is this the
> >upper growth of a plant or is something wrong?
> >
> >Thank-you,
> >Dave Evans
> Hi Dave, My ventricosa will not pitcher unless I keep it very humid and
> cool, (not over 75 degrees F, preferably 60-70 dgress F). It likes a little
> sun, but not the warmth.
> John Phillips

It seems to me that there are fairly large individual differences even within
one species with regard to ideal growing conditions. My N. ventricosa
produced fist size pitchers outside here in Florida with 4+ hours of direct
sunlight, but did not over winter well when the temps were down typically into
the 60-70s F. Winter humidity dropped too, of course, but was still typically
in the 70+% range.

As for the production of upper pitchers, seems to me that some species
simply don't produce upper pitchers as well as others. N. ampullaria,
as I recall, does not. FWIW, I have a N. amp x anamensis cross which
doesn't seem to want to produce upper pitchers either. After it gets
about eight inches of growth, a new basal shoot becomes active and
begins to grow, it gets about eight inches and then another becomes
active, etc. N. x hookerianna (amp x raff) on the other hand produces
distinct and attractive lower and upper pitchers.

As per flowers, I have a whitteii x thorelii cross about 8 inches high
that has already bloomed. Only lower pitchers so far. In my very
limited experience the Neps continue to grow but stop producing pitchers
when they begin to bloom.

Tom in Florida