Re: Nepenthes Cuttings Question

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Thu, 02 Mar 95 22:18 EST

> 3) I have read that if I take cuttings off upper growth, all growth
> thereafter will be upper growth as well. Makes sense. But I have also
> heard that there is a way to get them to produce lower pitchers again.
> Will the axilarry buds on upper growth produce lower pitchers?

Hello all,

I have a couple questions that are been nagging me about Nepenthes.

1) Nearly all Nepenthes have lower and then upper pitchers. Is the
production of upper pitchers a sign of maturity like when citrus stop
making thorns? Or can plants with only lower pitchers flower if large

2) Do some species produce only lower pitcher? The reason I ask is
because I have what looks to be a N. ventricosa but it has never
pitchered. It doesn't really grow like a vine but instead grows
straight up. The tendrils have the begins of pitchers but they
just curl down. It is growing with other Nep's, some of which are
N. ventricosa, all of them pitchering except N. x rubra bois(some-
thing I can't spell) so I doubt it's the environment. Is this the
upper growth of a plant or is something wrong?

Dave Evans