Re: Nepenthes Cuttings Question

Perry Malouf (
Thu, 2 Mar 1995 10:32:47 -0500 (EST)

Hi Bob, I have some personal experience with rooting Nepenthes
cuttings. For what it's worth:

> 1) ... which roots better, the tip cutting or the ones farther down?

Not sure what you mean by "ones farther down"--maybe side shoots?
I usually cut off the distal portions of my Nepenthes vines and
root them, leaving side shoots near the base alone unless they
start growing very long also.

I've found that the tender green tips root more easily than
brown woody stems.

> 2) Do you use a hormone? (I plan to)

Yes, I've had success with Rootone, and also with a fairly
concentrated solution of Superthrive. With the Rootone powder
I've also mixed in some anti-fungus powder.

> 3) I have read that if I take cuttings off upper growth, all growth
> thereafter will be upper growth as well.

Where did you read this?

> But I have also heard that there is a way to get them to
> produce lower pitchers again. Will the axilarry buds on
> upper growth produce lower pitchers?

My rooted N. alata cuttings were upper growth, and I kept cutting
them back to encourage the axillary buds to sprout. They eventually
produced basal pitchers, but N. alata is a relatively fast grower.
Other Nepenthes I've tried were much slower. The best situation is
when you can encourage vine growth from the plant crown; such
should be lower growth. It just takes a long time.

I know there are subscribers who have a lot more experience than
I do in this matter. Let's hear from them :-)

Perry Malouf