Wilmington, NC in summer

Philip Semanchuk (Philip.Semanchuk@lambada.oit.unc.edu)
Wed, 1 Mar 95 18:12:17 EST

> Finally, I really enjoy this group, and am planning a trip to Wilmington,
> NC this summer to visit Venus Fly-traps in their home digs...I live in
> Virginia near DC...anyone interested in going?

Victor, the Green Swamp right outside of Wilmington is a wonderful place
to visit and yes it is a prime home for VFTs, Drosera, etc. But the bugs
are quite bad in the summer (mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers). You may want to
consider going in the Spring or after the first cold snap unless you are
bug-brave. You might also want to call the Nature Conservancy which owns
and manages the Green Swamp. You can contact them at (919) 967-7007 or
write to The NC Nature Conservancy/Carr Mill Mall Suite D12/Carrboro,

Phil (in Cary, North Carolina, 100 miles from VFT paradise)