Re: CP digest 270

Victor (
27 Feb 95 20:37:56 EST

Hello, my name is Victor Rook. I have several terrariums, one which will
soon be devoted to Carnivorous plants. I have two concerns:

Fungus Gnats:

No matter how much I ventilate, etc. fungus gnats always seem to come
back. They say that the adults just fly around, but the larvae can eat
roots, and I'm afraid that is happening to my sundews as we speak. One
solution I tried, I kept the terrarium closed for a week, put a sticky
whitefly paper in there, and let the butterwort do the rest. About 3 got
stuck on the butterwort during the week, maybe 8 on the sticky paper. I
figured that the larvae were all about ready to hatch soon. When I came
back from a weekend of travel, to my surprise, the paper had about 20 on
it, and the butterwort had about 25! Delicious!! I'm hoping I caught
most of the adults before they mated.

Well, I read that Diazinon is recommended, but I would like to know if
anyone else has found a solution. I would hate to hender the sundew since
it is sending up some beautiful flower stalks. Any homemade remedies?

Second Concern, CO2:

I have never heard of CO2 used with CP' this some kind of steriod
for Carnivorous Plants....all plants need it, don't they get enough like
others? Should I breath into the terrariums for awhile....maybe connect a
tube from my mouth while I sleep? Tell me the secret, what's it all

Finally, I really enjoy this group, and am planning a trip to Wilmington,
NC this summer to visit Venus Fly-traps in their home digs...I live in
Virginia near DC...anyone interested in going?

My Compuserve address is 74244,3575 (Victor Rook)....or I guess you could
mail back through here. Thanks.