Re: Tragic turn of events

John Taylor (
Mon, 27 Feb 1995 20:25:24 +1100

>My latest effort to expand my CP collection was to have a D. Capensis x
>??? and a Byblis linifolia grow in the kitchen window -- sans terrarium,
>plastic pot, etc. They did nicely, with the Drosera putting up up a
>flower stalk, and the Byblis hardening a seed pod. Then, tragedy. I went
>off for two days (in-laws) and when I returned...someone or something had
>eaten the flower stalk, and the entire Byblis disappeared!

Don't throw the plants out just yet - it is possible that they may shoot from
the roots (I have my doubts about the Byblis though as it's an annual). Keep
the soil moist, and maybe put the pots in a plastic bag for extra humidity.

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