Clearing the air

Rogan Roth (
Mon, 27 Feb 1995 10:32:34 +200

Dear All,

Let me clear up a few misconceptions... It is, and certainly was
NOT my intention to solicit a free annual subscription to the
ICPS! I merely thought it would be a good idea to submit a few
reasonably good 35mm transparencies, that I had no use for, to
the CPN as a gesture of goodwill - nothing more! I do appreciate
the suggestions by several individuals that I should receive
something in return but, that is not what I desire - I would much
rather be a fully paid-up member of the Society should I decide
to become a member than rely on charity.

I do realise that your intentions are honourable and I thank you
for that.

Cheers for now.

Best regards
Rogan Roth.