Unexpected Aristolochia reaxion for Rogan

13 Feb 1995 18:01:26 MET

To : Rogan Ruth
From : Rolf R. van de Pavert (rpvt@cbs.nl) via CP-list
Subject: Aristolochia CP digest 251

Dear Rogan,

The answer Cliff sent you was found by me. Maybe the following is of interest
to you.

(1) Through the Botanical Garden of Amsterdam University I have obtained a
checklist of Aristolochia species. I believe I had it scanned in. If you're
interested I'll find it for you.

(2) I know for a fact that the BG of the UoA sell seeds of 3 or four
species of A. (I've bought some packages for a friend).

(3) I remember seeing a slideshow at our local orchid chapter that
featured a shot of an insect that got its tongue trapped in such a way
that it had to pull very hard and was forced to carry away a pollinium
(pollen package). I seem to remember that this concerned some species
of Asclepias. I'd have to look it up. I did not see your actual
question but Judging from Cliff's reaxion this might be of interest.

Rolf R. van de Pavert
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