David wong

Fri, 10 Feb 95 15:28:45

I'm passing on some information from a CP enthusiast who may be familiar to
some of the members of this list.

David Wong is temporarily relocating to Singapore to open an office in
his firm. David, as some of you may recall, had a break-in last year in which
most of his collection was stolen. He has contributed past articles to the CPN
and has been growing and trading plants for many years.

David has actually been in Singapore since the middle of last year and
has made numerous contacts. He will be leaving Vancouver on February 15th and
in early March will be on his way to Kinabalu with group from Malaysian
Government. This group has all the neccessary documentation and permits to
do some collecting in the park!

He would like to hear from people who have knowledge of specific
locations of plants in the area. Seeds may be available to select individuals.

He does not have an e-mail address but can be reached at:

SLH International Architects
350 Orchard Road
Unit 18-08/10
Shaw House
Singapore 0923

Fax (65) 733-0809

I will be seeing him on Sunday and can pass any information or
addresses for correspondence if I receive it within the next day or so.